Eileen Rosenbloom
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One chilly October night in Philadelphia, close to the stroke of midnight, Eileen Rosenbloom was hatched from an egg. She loved reading, writing poetry and making up silly stories. If she sounds perfectly normal, you may believe that if you’d like.

Eileen learned to fly – okay, airplanes, as a passenger -- and made a new nest for herself in California. After many years in Los Angeles, she now resides in the San Francisco Bay Area. She still loves books and making up stories, but occasionally gets out to dance among birds, hike in nature, and buy dark chocolate.

Eileen achieved first-publication success when she won a contest for penning her own obituary. Unfortunately, this only encouraged her to continue with such delightful themes. After publication of numerous articles and short stories, her first novel, Stuck Down, was accepted by Llewellyn Publications and released in July 2005. Stuck Down is one of those uplifting books that starts with a death. For fun and howls, Stuck Down is now available on Kindle, and soon on iBooks and other ebook venues.



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